Our Story


The Ashtons who were both born in San Francisco moved from the bay area with two high school age sons in tow in 1986. They were pure Silicon Valley and wanted a complete change of pace. Reno felt like the perfect fit.

The Ashtons had worked together for a number of years and knew their personal and professional partnership would support entrepreneurship. They wanted their own business and kept coming back to food because the whole family loved to eat!!

Not knowing much about running their own business in 1987 they bought the “Sugarless Shack” an existing business in the Moana West shopping Center. After a couple of years, they built that up, sold it and started their own business Rockin’ Roll Sandwich Factory which they ran successfully for ten years. Meanwhile. . .

Youngest son Kevin went to the Western Culinary Institute to train as a Chef. Kevin, worked with them as his career & culinary creations blossomed.

His expertise & creativity drew the attention of the owners of Pane Vino which was their favorite restaurant. One night the owners followed them to their car and said they were thinking about retiring and wanted the right people to take over. They knew Kevin was an excellent chef and that we loved the place so they asked if were interested. How could we say no?? The Ashtons sold Rockin’ Roll Sandwich Factory to two long time employees and moved back to the Moana West Shopping Center January 2, 2000 to start the new millennium at Zozo’s. (then Pane Vino)


They continue to operate the business together having worked together for over 50 years. Sid’s knowledge of Wines and wine costs, make him the perfect beverage Manager. Judy manages the front of the house while trying to remember as many customers names and families as possible. They both enjoy chatting with new and old customers.


Son Kevin is Executive Chef and takes good care of the kitchen, menus, ordering, scheduling & has time to cook some amazing dishes. He always keeps the customers wanting more!

Oldest son Chris worked as host and manager before moving to Placerville, and now helps out with marketing and has designed and is managing their new website.